Remember when the quality of music was judged by the raw force of a bands dynamic, as opposed to corporate sales charts and overproduced recordings? Well just in case the world may have forgotten, Mojo Radio is here to remind you. With emphasis on ripping guitar lines, solid rhythm backbone, and punchy, soulful vocals, Mojo Radio aims to usher in a new approach to music that’s reminiscent of the great rock ‘n’ roll and blues techniques that have stood the test of time. Drawing heavily from the influences of bands like The Black Crowes, Humble Pie, Free, The Faces, as well as blues artists like Muddy Waters, Freddie King, and Sonny Terry. Mojo Radio creates music that commands attention by way of an undeniable blues-rock groove and pure musical mojo.

Mojo Radio has their songs played world wide on a regular basis, and are also sponsored by Bud Light. Mojo Radio has had the honor of working with legendary Cheap Trick drummer, Bun E. Carlos, on pre-production for their self titled album. Mojo Radio has shared the stage with the following artists: Ted Nugent, The BoDeans, Kansas, Foghat,Caroline's Spine,  Crash Test Dummies, CRACKER, Kaleo, Dan Baird and Homemade Sin (the Georgia Satellites), The Steepwater Band, Clyde Stubblefield, Earl Greyhound, Nic Cowan,The Romantics.  Mojo Radio is now on Grooveyard Records.  They have the honor of being on a roster with such artists as: Greg Koch, Megadeth's Chris Poland, Craig Erickson (Trapeze, Glenn Hughes), Tony Spinner (Pat Travers, Paul Gilbert, Toto), Dallas blues/rock axeripper Lance Lopez, Texas guitar legend Bugs Henderson, Greg Chaisson (Badlands), Blindside Blues Band, Buddaheads, Hendrix tributarian Randy Hansen and many other amazing, world-class bands.  Mojo Radio believes that they are best seen live and continues to win fans over, show after show.

Adam Zierten: Vocal/Harmonica
Scott Aumann: Bass
Brent King: Drums
Jason Peterson: Guitars



Mojo Radio (previously known as Soul Shaker) is a project made up of former members of the Wisconsin Chapter of Trinity James and Big Bad. After playing together for a year in Big Bad ,Jason, Scott and Brent decided to keep things going after Trinity relocated to Nashville. For a few months they were writing new material and moving in more of a blues based direction. Enter singer Adam Zierten from Midwest favorites Reason for Leaving and Jose and Sumlimes.  Adam's voice and harmonica skills were the last pieces needed to bring Mojo Radio alive.  Mojo Radio entered DNA Studios in May 2009 and walked away with an three song EP.  Not too bad for a band that was only months old at that point.  They now have a full length album released in late 2011 available at all shows and online for purchase.

Why did you change your name?

As many of you already know, we have changed our name to Mojo Radio.  We previously went by Soul Shaker, and have been that for a couple of years.  Back in mid 2011, we learned that a fellow in Austin has a trademark on Soulshaker.  Long story short, we were legally obligated to change our name.  Although this came as a shock to us, we feel really good about the change.  Since the name change, we have played some of our biggest and best shows yet.  Opening for Ted Nugent, and the BoDeans at the Overture Center.  As well as opening for the Crash Test Dummies, and the Romantics at the Taste of Madison.  Our Mojo is working.

One benefit of the name change is that things should be less confusing for our fans in the future.  We have noticed a few times were people thought we were playing somewhere only to find out it was another Soul Shaker.  If you google that name, you'll see that there are hundreds of bands called Soul Shaker.  Now if you see Mojo Radio, it will most likely be us.  We don't want you to waste your time on any imposters out there.


Stage Plot - Electric

Press about Mojo Radio

Maximum Ink - December 2009

Americana Gazette - March 2009  This is a little interview with Brent King.  Go to page 10.

Americana Gazette - December 2009   Adam was interviewed by our friend Aaron Williams of Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo.  Go to page 11.

Local Sounds Magazine - December 2010  A blurb about our upcoming album and Bun E. Carlos

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Dane 101, 10 Must See Bands in Madison - December 2011  Dan Walkner (Clovis Mann) names Mojo Radio as a choice for one of the best bands in Madison, WI

Blues Rock Review - January 2012 a review of the album Mojo Radio

Blues & Co. Magazine - July 2012  Album review from a French Music Magazine

Musik Reviews - December 2012  Album review from a German website 
Here is the translated version. Thanks to Wolfgang Rothe and Corey Cascio from ETC GmBH for helping us translate this properly.

Here we are welcomed again with Anglicism (adherence or attachment to English (Language) customs or ideas),
but this time its coming from the USA doing it better than anyone else - the History of Rock Music being told by
a Powerhouse-Trio based on Lyrics, Hendrix Worshipping, Badass-Southern Rock, etc.

“Cost of Your Loss” says hello to the young Aerosmith;
“High Horse” an attribute to Jimi;
“Bone Shaker” sounds like a Joe Bonamassa Hymn from Black Country Communion.

Furthermore – the Harmonica from the Lead Singer is one of the foundations of Mojo Radio;
the band members come from very reputable bands from the local scenes in the Western USA.

Jason Peterson’s Guitar Playing encompasses a wide spectrum of styles, and is very much
worth discovering/listening to. Just as important is the composition of the Bass and Drums.
Because of all these elements, Mojo Radio works for the most part – very well – except when the
Tributes to other musicians end up being too much like the original, so that you could easily
switch back and forth – not original enough – such as with “Exorcism” and “healin”.

The climax to the Album is the 2nd Half of the Album.
“Throw Your Hat in the Ring” – sounds like something really bad to the bone (in a good way).
“Sour Grapes” – wide array of being able to play the slide on the guitar up and down well.
“Wishing” and “Thin-Line – work as Ballads
Finale “Gilded Cage” – quiet /cool end.

Conclusion: They satisfy with their harmonious / coherent songs, handwork,
and mostly because of their not allowing themselves
to be limited by the blue tones.

Maximum Ink-December 2012

Local Sounds Magazine - article about Mojo Radio signing to Grooveyard Records

Germany's Rocktimes Magazine Review of our debut album.

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Blues Rock Review - October 2013  review of Rise (9 out of 10 rating)

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Musik Review - December 2013  CD review for Rise (Germany)

Power Metal - December 2013  CD review for Rise (Germany)

Rootstime - February 2014  CD review for Rise (Belgium)

The Electric Beard - May 2014

Wisconsin-natives Mojo Radio return with their stellar second disc Rise. The 10-track blues-based hard rock collection is a celebration of early ‘70’s influences and pays tribute to bands like Free, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The four-piece have fine-tuned their delivery in a sonic shockwave packed with soul, power-house riffs and sensual groove. Singer Adam Zierten has a voice custom-built for ‘70’s rock. His expressive crooning on the grinding “Come Hell or Muddy Water” is essential listening. Guitarist Jason Peterson’s playing is conservative yet emotional. His electric notes are carefully selected and packed with passion as heard best in “War Horse,” a cocky study in testosterone-driven rock ‘n’ roll. Drummer Brent King fills each track with a distinctive patter but it’s in the rumble of “Death of Me” that benefits from his full weight. The thumping “Avalanche” is a musical playground for bassist Scott Aumann and his four-string fury. Level, on the mark, and in the pocket, the combined rhythm section gives the guitar and voice all the room they need to flex and strut.

The organic nature of the group is reminiscent of Cry of Love, early Black Crowes or the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. From the foot-stomping “Torn Asunder” with its Louisiana vibe and talkbox vocals to the tearful dedication of their fallen musical brother Paulie Heenan in “110912”, Mojo Radio excel both as songwriters and musical craftsmen. The gospel-tinged “Darken My Door” sparks the imagination as Zierten plays a holy-roller preacher man accompanied by a church organ before the band jump into a rollicking barnburner made all the more authentic with slide guitar and harmonica. “Hold Your Breath” and “See It Through” come in moments where a ballad brings light, color and emotion to a recording superbly assembled. The songs are made all the more rich as they ebb and flow building in texture and dynamics. Personal favorite, “Changing of the Tide” could easily sit on Bad Company’s debut. A power-blues rocker, the song is etched by slide guitar, wah wah, pounding bass/drums, incredible vocal and a hook chorus. It’s 1974 all over again!

-- Todd K. Smith / The Electric Beard - July 2014   CD review for Rise.