The story behind the song “110912”, a tribute to Paulie Heenan

As Mojo Radio began to record the latest album, Rise, things seem to be on the up and up. We had just changed plans to jam with a friend of ours in order to do an interview for Maximum Ink. That was on November 8, 2012. Then in the early morning hours of November 9 things changed.  Paulie Heenan, the friend who was originally coming out to jam with us, was shot and killed.

After that, things looked differently for us.  We knew we had to do something. We thought the one way we could honor our friend was to create something for him.  Creating a song for a fallen musician seems fitting. That is how “110912” began. Over the next few months Mojo Radio would craft the song that would become our tribute to Paulie. It wasn’t always easy, and at some points it was haunting. Like Paulie was there with us. You could feel people making the connection to him after a take, and had to just sit in silence after we were done. We feel we captured something special on this song.  We hope it connects people to Paulie, and helps with the grieving process.

We also hope this leads to the other side of things, where people celebrate Paul’s life.
We were honored to be part of Paulie Fest in May 2012 where we did just that. Celebrate Paul’s life. It was the beginning of Paulie’s Gift. Through this group, we seek to keep Paulie’s memory alive and honor his life by supporting projects that reflect some of Paulie’s core principles: his love of music, his eagerness to lend a hand and his desire to bring people together.

To help celebrate and honor our friend, we have released our song “110912” to the public. Listen to "110912" now.

To read the article that Sal Serio wrote for Maximum Ink the night we changed plans, go here:

We encourage you to take the time and spend time with your friends and family when you can. You never know when a change in plans can lead to a change in your life forever.

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