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New blog started. See what happens during rehearsals.

We just started a new blog that will be updated on a regular basis. This will contain what we are doing during our rehearsals. Lots of times we practice our parts, but we also listen to music and talk about what's going on. Now you can get the inside scoop about what albums we listen to, what gear we use, and what other things interest us. It will be just like you are there in the room with us.

Check it out NOW!

NEW video for Darken My Door released.

Mojo Radio is excited to announce that we have now released the official music video for our song Darken My Door.  Thanks to Cole and David from MMI for shooting footage, and editing it.  They used footage from our rehearsal space, and also from our Taste of Madison performance.  We hope you enjoy it.


RISE - now available

Right now we are contacting festivals in the area and lining up new shows.  If you want us to play your local festival, then please let us know about it.  You can also send your local festival an email telling them to book us.  We'd love to play in front of your home crowd, but we need your help.

Keep your eye on our schedule for new shows.  You can also sign up for our mailing list and get updates delivered right to your email.  You also get FREE music when you signup!

We are proud to be on the Grooveyard Records label. Check them out!


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